About Us


SHOPBXB is an e-commerce beauty retailer offering the world’s largest range of beauty products at the lowest prices. Offering FREE shipping* (fragrances incur a $10 shipping fee) to over 190 countries, and products with up to 75% off, SHOPBXB is committed to providing the easiest access to beauty wherever you are in the world.


To become the world leader in delivering access to beauty and well-being.


To deliver the best in everything we do.

Our Beliefs

Beauty and well-being are universal, every life strives for it and every life deserves access to it. Beauty is also powerful, it empowers well-being, self-confidence, and openness towards others. It is personal, there is no single model of beauty but a diversity shaped by cultures, trends, and personalities. 

The future is all about access and affordability; when, where and how you want it. 

Our Values

Excellence: The desire to surpass ourselves and deliver our best in everything that we do.

Innovation: Because delivering access to beauty and well-being is an endless quest that constantly requires a higher level of performance.

Entrepreneurship: Because there can be no innovation and excellence without daring and initiative. 

Our Commitment

To our customers: To deliver the easiest access to beauty wherever you are in the world.

To our team: To enable an environment that fosters excellence and personal growth.

To our partners: To build lasting relationships based on fairness, trust, and collaboration.